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Our mission is to create the "Healthiest And Most Unique Herbal Beverages On Planet Earth"

It is a mission that began a few years ago with a 25 gallon brew kettle and a 100 gallon fermenter in the back room of an organic, farm-to-fork cafe that we owned in Nashville, TN.  We loved what a wonderfully functional beverage kombucha is...truly healthy…but what we weren’t satisfied with was the vinegary taste, the simple fruity flavor profiles and the boring branding that was so common in the marketplace…so we decided that we could do it better!

We believe that healthy should taste good!  Combining Dan’s passion for brewing with Olivia’s dedication to natural health we create true elixirs full of medicinal qualities that people crave for the delicious flavors as well as the health benefits… wrapped in a branding that really gives personality to each style. 

In order to accomplish that, we reached back in time for inspiration to proven methods of herbal healing like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and North American Folk remedies, whose many benefits have been extolled throughout the millennia.  Using modern brewing methods and an ancient fermentation technique our process allows for superior taste, a potent extraction of the therapeutic benefits of the herbs, teas and spices and lots of creativity!  The result is a truly healthy drink that is rich in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and beneficial acids that detoxify and fortify your system, aid digestion and provide energy.

From the vintage-with-a-modern-twist branding to the unique flavors that dance and linger on your palate, each Tealixir has a distinct flavor profile that is as refreshing as it is addicting…

It’s like enjoying super tasty sodas while taking probiotics and herbal supplements at the same time...without having to take handfuls of pills!  With only 5g of sugar and 30 calories per serving,Tealixirs are basically a dream come true for the health conscious consumer. Delicious AND nutritious, full of probiotics, cleansing enzymes, and medicinal herbs, Tealixir Herbal Kombuchas will invigorate your senses, please your palate, and nourish your body.

Additionally, unlike all of the other brands that package their product in glass, we have opted for a 12 oz can because Tealixir is the perfect compliment to a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle revolves around the gym, pool, tennis & basketball courts, boat and beach…all places where glass is forbidden.  

Most importantly, kombucha is a beverage to be enjoyed by the entire family and a terrific substitute for sugary sodas and fruit juices favored by children. and therefore we believe that a can is a much more appropriate and consumer friendly packaging format for even our smallest teavangelists!

Well, we must be onto something...because in just a few short years Tealixir has grown from it’s humble backroom beginnings into a 3,000 square foot brewery in West Palm Beach, Florida producing up to 5,000 gallons at a time. Eschewing the traditional brick 'n mortar distribution model we have been able to maintain very low retail prices while selling nationwide direct to YOU the consumer. 

We live in an exciting time where we have more options and it is easier than ever to find healthful, beneficial foods and beverages for our bodies and families. Choose the best for yourself and your loved ones! Choose Tealixir!

Cheers to Your Health! 

Dan & Olivia McCarthy