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Who knew healthy could taste so delicious?

When most people think of healthy beverages, they imagine shots of wheatgrass and kale smoothies that they choke down while holding their noses. While wheatgrass shots and kale smoothies certainly have their place, when you want something refreshing and delicious, they don’t exactly hit the spot. Luckily, Tealixir is here to save the day. We are your source for herbal, fermented kombucha and it was designed to amaze your taste buds and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs.

What makes our kombucha different?

The vast majority of the kombucha that you find at the grocery store contains added sugar, and many manufacturers simply add fruit juice when they want to add more flavor. At Tealixir, we’ve set out to craft a new kind of kombucha.

Our kombucha is brewed with modern methods and fermented with an ancient technique that allows for the culinary benefits of the spices, herbs and teas we use to shine through. We’ve also made it a point to only use fair trade, all natural and non-GMO ingredients. All of our mouth-watering elixirs are also vegan and gluten free, making them a great option for everyone, even those with strict dietary needs.

Ditch the soda and start drinking kombucha!

When you’ve been drinking soda for most of your life, water just doesn’t have the flavor that you crave, and it’s often difficult to make the transition from drinking soda to drinking water or other health-conscious beverages, but it’s one of the best decisions you can make for your health.

We challenge you to try some of our herbal kombucha. It is just as — if not more so — delicious as your favorite soda, and it’s much better for your health. Not only is our kombucha flavorful and healthy, it can also give you energy without the added caffeine that you’ll find in regular soda.

Kombucha vs. Soda - By the Numbers


The American Heart Association recommends that men limit their sugar intake to 37.5 grams per day and women limit their intake to 25 grams per day. In your average soda, you’ll typically find around 39 grams of sugar. We offer a variety of kombucha flavors, averaging between five and six grams of sugar in each 12 oz. can.


With obesity affecting more than two-thirds of all American adults, many of us need to start thinking about our calorie consumption more closely. Most diet plans recommend that you start cutting calories by avoiding high-caloric beverages. Your average 12 oz. soda contains around 150 calories, but our kombucha only contains 30 calories, making it a perfect, low-calorie drink.


If the calories and sugar in soda doesn’t deter you from drinking it, the chemicals found in most sodas might. In recent years, The World Health Organization found that the chemical, 4-methylimidazole, otherwise called 4-Mel and listed on labels as “caramel coloring,” may possibly cause cancer. This is just one of the many examples of possibly dangerous chemicals found in your typical soda. Our fermented kombucha, on the other hand, is a delicious beverage that contains only all natural, non-GMO ingredients, leaving you with a drink that will give you enough peace of mind to give it to your whole family.

There’s no other kombucha like Tealixir kombucha.

Whether you’re trying to give up soda or you are looking for a tasty alternative to health drinks, like kale smoothies and wheatgrass shots, you’ll love Tealixir kombucha. We offer three different flavors, each one as unique as it is delicious, and if you want to try all three, you’ll love our incredibly variety pack!

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